Thermoplastic Striping

STRIPE-IT is a leading North Texas expert in Thermoplastic Pavement Striping. One of the most common types of road marking based on its balance between cost and performance longevity, thermoplastic binder systems are generally based on one of three core elements: hydrocarbons, rosin esters or maleic modified rosin esters (MMRE). Thermoplastic coatings are generally homogeneous dry mixes of binder resins, plasticizers, glass beads (or other optics), pigments, and fillers. Their use has increased over paints mainly due to the performance benefits of increased durability, retro-reflectivity, and a lack of VOC solvents. Thermoplastic markings are applied using specially designed vehicles. Preformed thermoplastic pavement markings (sometime called “tape”, but not to be confused with preformed polymer tape) are thermoplastic that cut into the final shapes by the manufacturers and ready to position onto an asphalt or concrete pavement surface. Preformed thermoplastics are put into place on the road surface and applied using a propane heat torch. These markings are used primarily because of their durability and cost-effective service life. As the plastics are melted into the surface, therefore they are not easily damaged by the snowplows. Typically, the preformed thermoplastic markings can last 3 to 6 years. The most common applications of preformed thermoplastic pavement markings are found at intersections as transverse markings such as stop lines, legends, crosswalks, arrows, bike lane symbols, and accessibility symbols.


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